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24 Hour Blood Pressure Testing London


  • Comprehensive Analysis Over Time: A 24-hour blood pressure test provides a detailed look at your blood pressure over a full day. This extended monitoring helps to accurately diagnose hypertension and assess how your blood pressure varies during different activities and sleep.
  • Non-Invasive and Continuous Tracking: Unlike single readings, wearing a 24-hour blood pressure test allows for continuous assessment without the need for repeated hospital visits. It captures blood pressure fluctuations that might go unnoticed during a typical office visit.
  • Early Detection of Cardiovascular Risks: Continuous monitoring over 24 hours can identify variations in blood pressure that are predictive of cardiovascular events, allowing for earlier intervention.


  • Minor Discomfort and Sleep Disturbance: The cuff inflates periodically throughout the day and night, which can be slightly uncomfortable or disturb sleep for light sleepers.
  • Sensitivity to the Cuff: Some individuals may experience slight discomfort or bruising where the cuff is worn, although this is generally mild and temporary.

Choosing a 24 Hour Blood Pressure Test Offers:

  • Accuracy: The device provides precise readings that help in making more informed treatment decisions, particularly in managing hypertension and other cardiovascular conditions.
  • Convenience: It allows patients to continue their daily routines without staying in a hospital, making it easier to monitor their real-time blood pressure in a normal setting.
  • Effective Management of Blood Pressure: Continuous data collection helps in tailoring personalised treatment plans based on more accurate, long-term blood pressure trends.


Choose expertise and comfort with TIC Health’s 24-hour blood pressure monitoring service. Our use of advanced technology and a team of professional hypertension specialists ensure precise and reliable blood pressure measurements throughout the day and night. We are committed to providing an accurate diagnosis and a comprehensive understanding of your cardiovascular health, employing state-of-the-art equipment to capture every necessary detail.

We prioritise patient-centric care – every aspect of your blood pressure testing is managed with the utmost care and professionalism. From the initial setup to the detailed analysis of your results, our process is designed to make you feel supported and informed. Our specialists handle your data with expertise, ensuring that each reading contributes to a thorough understanding of your health status.

Moreover, we uphold transparent practices throughout your health monitoring journey. We believe in clear communication and make every step of the process – from booking to results interpretation – straightforward and transparent. This ensures that you are not only comfortable but also fully informed about what to expect and the significance of your results, making your experience at TIC Health both enlightening and reassuring.


Understanding the fluctuations of your blood pressure throughout different times of the day is essential for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment planning. While single blood pressure readings can provide valuable snapshots, they may not fully capture the complexities of your blood pressure behaviour over an extended period.


Single blood pressure readings, typically taken during a doctor’s visit, offer a brief glimpse into your blood pressure at a specific moment. This can be limiting as various factors such as stress, physical activity, or even the mere act of visiting a doctor’s office can affect these readings. As a result, they might not always reflect your true blood pressure levels throughout a normal day.

In contrast, 24-hour blood pressure testing involves wearing a portable device that measures your blood pressure at regular intervals over a full day and night. This method provides a comprehensive view of how your blood pressure changes in response to your daily routine, sleep cycles, and other normal activities. It helps in identifying patterns like nocturnal hypertension or the morning surge in blood pressure that are missed during single readings


The detailed data from 24-hour testing are invaluable for diagnosing hypertension accurately, particularly in cases of white-coat hypertension (where patients exhibit high blood pressure levels in a clinical setting but not in everyday life) or masked hypertension (normal blood pressure levels in a clinic but elevated at home). It allows healthcare providers to tailor treatment strategies based on how the blood pressure varies throughout the day rather than relying on isolated measurements.

This extended monitoring is also crucial for evaluating the effectiveness of prescribed blood pressure medications, adjusting dosages, and understanding patient compliance and response. It provides a dynamic insight into the cardiovascular risks associated with blood pressure variability, which is linked to greater risk of stroke and heart disease.


The comprehensive analysis offered by 24-hour blood pressure tests makes it an essential tool not just for diagnosing but also for managing ongoing treatment plans. It gives cardiologists and other healthcare professionals detailed insights, enabling them to make informed decisions that enhance treatment outcomes.

By comparing the benefits of single readings and continuous monitoring, it becomes evident that 24-hour blood pressure testing provides a more accurate, detailed, and clinically valuable assessment. This method ensures that patients receive the most appropriate and effective care based on comprehensive data reflective of their actual blood pressure conditions.


When you visit our TIC Health clinic for a 24-hour blood pressure test, a technician will expertly fit you with a blood pressure cuff that is connected to a compact recording device, which you will wear on your belt. This device is designed to measure your blood pressure periodically throughout a 24-hour period by inflating the cuff at regular intervals. This process captures a comprehensive profile of your blood pressure changes under various daily conditions.

We encourage you to engage in your normal daily activities during this time. Doing so provides an accurate representation of your blood pressure in real-life scenarios, which is essential for a thorough assessment. Whether you’re at work, home, or engaging in light exercise, the monitor will record the necessary data without causing significant disruption to your day.

After the monitoring period concludes, you will return to our clinic where our skilled hypertension specialists will review and analyse the data collected. During a post-monitoring consultation, they will discuss the results with you in detail. Our team will explain the implications of your blood pressure patterns and the necessary steps forward, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your health and any recommended treatments or lifestyle adjustments. This thorough approach helps in crafting a personalised health plan that effectively addresses any concerns highlighted by the 24-hour blood pressure testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

This method uses a device that measures your blood pressure at regular intervals throughout a full 24-hour period, capturing the natural fluctuations as you go about your daily activities and sleep. This comprehensive profile is crucial for accurately diagnosing and managing blood pressure-related health conditions.

To ensure accurate results, wear loose-fitting clothing to comfortably accommodate the monitor. Avoid activities that could expose the device to water, such as showering or swimming.

Yes, wearing a 24-hour blood pressure monitor is safe and non-invasive. The cuff inflates periodically to take readings, which can be slightly uncomfortable but is generally well-tolerated.

Maintain your normal sleeping routine as much as possible. The device is designed to minimise discomfort, but you might notice the cuff inflating during the night. Securing the device with pillows can help make it more comfortable.

This test is essential for diagnosing conditions like hypertension more accurately than what can be achieved with a single clinic visit. It records how your blood pressure changes at different times, including overnight, providing key insights into your cardiovascular health.

The monitor includes a cuff that fits around your arm and a small recording device, typically worn on a belt. It automatically inflates at scheduled intervals frequently every 30 to 60 minutes to measure and record blood pressure throughout the day and night.

You will continue with your daily activities as the monitor records your blood pressure readings. The data collected is later analysed to identify any abnormal blood pressure patterns that could indicate health issues.

It detects various patterns of blood pressure behaviour that are not visible during a single measurement, such as nocturnal hypertension, white-coat syndrome, or masked hypertension, which are vital for an accurate health assessment and creating an effective treatment plan.