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Comprehensive Cruise Line Medical

The decision to journey on the open seas brings with it a significant responsibility. It’s not merely about the passion for maritime exploration but, more importantly, the assurance of optimal health for both the crew and passengers.

At TIC DOCTOR, our primary commitment is to safeguard that very health. Specialising in Cruise Medicals, we recognise the unique challenges and health demands of maritime voyages.

Our vast experience ensures that every individual aboard a cruise ship is at their peak health condition, making the journey as safe and pleasurable as possible.


  • Specialist team for meticulous assessments: Our team, renowned for its precision, ensures each individual’s health is comprehensively appraised, keeping in line with maritime standards.
  • Innovative medical technology tailored for maritime needs: By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, we cater to the specific health nuances associated with life at sea.
  • Holistic health evaluation for diverse roles on board: Be it a crew member or a passionate traveller, our customised assessments cater to the varied roles aboard a cruise ship, ensuring optimal health and safety.
  • Transparent and straightforward procedures: Our clarity in procedures, from booking to the final report, reinforces our commitment to client trust and satisfaction.
  • Prompt, comprehensive feedback for immediate action: Post-evaluation, our actionable insights ensure that individuals are equipped with the necessary knowledge to maintain their health, as they chart their course on the high seas.


With TIC DOCTOR’s Cruise Line Medical, you receive an exhaustive health evaluation tailored for the demands of life at sea. Harness the combined strengths of our leading-edge technology and expert medical assessments to ensure your readiness for oceanic adventures. Prioritise maritime health with TIC DOCTOR.


For those searching for “Cruise Ship Medicals near me” in London, TIC DOCTOR provides an unparalleled service tailored specifically for maritime health needs. We cater to both crew members and passengers, ensuring you meet the rigorous health requirements necessary for life at sea.

Our clinic is equipped with the latest in medical technology, staffed by professionals experienced in maritime health assessments, offering peace of mind before you embark on your journey.

We specialise in comprehensive health evaluations designed to ensure the safety and well-being of all aboard. From detailed physical examinations to tailored advice for managing health on the high seas, our service is comprehensive, efficient, and centred around your specific needs.

Contact us today and schedule your appointment – set sail with confidence, knowing your health has been thoroughly assessed by experts familiar with the unique demands of cruise ship travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cruise Medicals are the medical assessments and certifications vital for those aspiring to work or travel in the cruise ship industry. These evaluations offer a Comprehensive Cruise Line Check-up ensuring the individual’s well-being aligns with the demands of life at sea.

Considering a position or travel on a cruise ship? It’s essential to consult a medical provider specialising in Maritime Medical Assessments like TIC DOCTOR Cruise Medicals. Discover the specific health requirements crucial for this industry with us.

Our Comprehensive maritime health overview ensures you’re ready for the voyage. Starting with a detailed medical history review, followed by a physical exam, the Cruise Medical might also include drug testing, psychological screening, immunizations, and tests for infectious diseases.

When preparing for your Seafarer’s Medical Certification with us, please ensure you bring along necessary documents such as your Passport, Medical History, Immunization Records, and any other required documents as mandated by your cruise line employer.

During your Expert Maritime Medical Consultation, expect a meticulous health evaluation. Apart from standard checks on vital signs and medical history reviews, our Private GP might conduct blood tests, urine tests, and chest X-rays to offer a Comprehensive Marine Health Evaluation.

Our experts will interpret the results from the assessments and tests, offering tailored medical recommendations for seafarers. Based on this, our Expert-driven Seafarer Health Consultation will determine your fitness for employment onboard.

Our service is ideal for both individuals aspiring to work on a cruise ship and passengers ensuring their health is aligned with the rigorous demands of maritime travel.

TIC DOCTOR combines cutting-edge technology with extensive maritime health expertise. Every assessment is designed uniquely, considering individual roles on the cruise, making it specialised and thorough.

While a non-refundable deposit of £50 is required to secure your appointment, it’s crucial to contact us directly for any rescheduling inquiries or requirements.

The duration may vary based on individual health conditions and requirements. However, our goal is to provide a thorough yet efficient health evaluation, ensuring that clients are not inconvenienced.