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In every profession, the health and well-being of employees play a crucial role in determining productivity and overall workplace harmony. This importance doubles when the work environment poses specific health challenges and demands. We understand these unique health dynamics inherent to diverse workplaces.

Our commitment is to ensure every worker, regardless of their role, is in optimal health to perform their duties efficiently. Specialising in Occupational Health Medical, our rich experience aligns with the best practices to maintain and enhance health in various work environments.


At TIC DOCTOR, the Occupational Health Medical process is thorough and reflects our understanding of diverse workplace requirements. Our esteemed team conducts a comprehensive health assessment, making sure that each aspect of a worker’s health aligns with their specific job demands. Utilising cutting-edge medical technology, we provide screenings integral for different work settings.

Factors such as physical stamina, mental wellness, and potential workplace hazards are meticulously examined. Every evaluation is designed considering the specific role of the worker, ensuring precision and relevance.

For a detailed consultation, we have transparent processes and fee structures, ensuring our clients remain informed throughout their journey with us.

By choosing TIC DOCTOR, you aren’t just selecting a service; you’re partnering with a dedicated team that prioritises occupational health and safety.


With TIC DOCTOR’s Occupational Health Medical service, you benefit from a tailored health evaluation that understands the intricacies of your workplace. Combine our advanced technology with in-depth medical assessments to ensure your health aligns with your profession’s demands. Entrust your professional well-being with TIC DOCTOR.


  • Dedicated to Work Environments: Our assessments are specifically designed for diverse work settings, ensuring detailed and relevant health evaluations.
  • Advanced Medical Technology: Our tools and techniques are at the forefront of medical technology, assuring accurate health assessments.
  • All-Inclusive Assessments: From physical evaluations to potential workplace hazards, our screenings leave no stone unturned.
  • Privacy is Paramount: Given the nature of occupational data, we uphold strict confidentiality standards for all our assessments.
  • Reputable Professionals: Our team’s experience and expertise ensure reliable and thorough health evaluations tailored to specific job roles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Occupational medicine is dedicated to ensuring workers’ health and wellness in relation to their specific work settings. It offers preventive strategies, diagnoses, and treatment plans tailored for work-related health challenges.

Our physicians specialise in assessing workers’ health, advising on workplace health promotion, providing care for work-related issues, and conducting evaluations suited to specific job roles.

Occupational medicine safeguards workers, minimises work-related issues, fosters early interventions, and contributes to the workforce’s overall wellness and productivity.

We assess various risks, including exposure to hazardous materials, ergonomic challenges, infectious diseases, extreme temperatures, and psychological stressors like workplace dynamics.

This is a health assessment before initiating a job role, ensuring the individual’s health status aligns with job demands. It might include medical history, physical checks, and specific evaluations based on job requirements.

An occupational injury pertains to harm arising from work-related activities, including physical injuries ranging from minor cuts to significant traumas.

Occupational rehabilitation aids workers in recovering from work-related issues and reintegrating them into their jobs. It’s a coordinated effort involving various interventions, aiming to facilitate a safe return to work.

These programs promote a safe and healthy work environment, include strategies to identify and mitigate workplace hazards, and ensure the overall health and satisfaction of employees.

Promotion of health and safety involves implementing detailed safety programs, regular training, hazard evaluations, fostering a culture of safety, and involving employees in safety decisions.

Consider a consultation if you face work-related health challenges, need a pre-employment check, seek advice related to your work environment, or if your organisation recommends or mandates a health assessment. At TIC DOCTOR, we cater to a vast spectrum of workplace health needs, ensuring that every worker remains in optimal health, aligned with their professional demands.

TIC DOCTOR prides itself on its detailed and personalised approach. By leveraging state-of-the-art medical technology and combining it with our experienced team’s insights, we ensure that every evaluation is not only thorough but also pertinent to the individual’s work profile. We constantly update our methodologies to reflect the evolving nature of diverse workplaces.

Our emphasis on personalised assessments, our commitment to continuous learning, and our dedication to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for all make us a preferred choice for many organisations and professionals. Additionally, our transparency and prompt feedback mechanisms ensure clients are always informed and empowered.

When scheduling an appointment with us, it’s beneficial to bring along any previous medical records, details about your work environment, a list of any specific concerns or symptoms you might be experiencing, and any documents or forms provided by your employer.

At TIC DOCTOR, we understand the sensitive nature of medical information. We adhere to strict confidentiality protocols, ensuring that your data is protected at all times. Only authorised personnel can access your records, and any disclosures related to your health are made only with your explicit consent.