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Diagnostic Imaging Services

Access the most up-to-date and comprehensive diagnostic imaging services here at TIC Health. Equipped with some of the most advanced imaging technology, we stand out with our MRI 3 tesla, MRI 1.5 tesla, CT 640 slices, digital X-ray system, and ultrasound capabilities.

Our dedicated team, consisting of highly trained and experienced professionals, is the backbone of our high-quality imaging services. Recognising the uniqueness of each patient, we coordinate closely with you and your healthcare provider to offer patient-specific imaging services tailored to your distinct needs.

Benefit from our advanced imaging diagnostics that ensure detailed medical imaging, pinpointing even the slightest irregularities. Our adept staff takes you through the process step by step, guaranteeing a comfortable and efficient experience.

We are persistent in our dedication to providing outstanding, comprehensive diagnostic imaging since we recognize the crucial value of early diagnosis in successful treatments. Be it an MRI scan, CT scan, digital X-ray, ultrasound, or a scanning consultation, you can rely on us for impeccable results. With TIC Imaging, our focus is your care and satisfaction.


  • Cutting-edge Technology: With our advanced MRI and CT services at TIC Imaging, including MRI 3 tesla imaging, MRI 1.5 tesla diagnostics, CT 640 slice imaging, and more, we assure you accurate and fast results.
  • Expertise and Training: Our technicians, the unsung heroes of our clinic, are renowned for their expertise in diagnostic imaging consultations, ensuring patient safety and accurate diagnosis.
  • Tailored Imaging Services: TIC Health’s professional diagnostic imaging focuses on the individual, ensuring personalised imaging services for a comprehensive diagnosis.
  • Innovative Facilities: Our facilities equipped with cutting-edge medical imaging solutions are designed keeping the patient’s comfort in mind, reflecting our patient-centred approach.
  • Holistic Approach: Radiological examination or any other medical scanning technologies, our comprehensive approach ensures you get the best treatment pathway.


Any medical procedure can be a frightening experience. We believe in guiding you every step of the process at TIC Health. Here’s a detailed guide on preparing for your diagnostic imaging appointment:


  • Insurance Information: Ensure you bring along your insurance card or any relevant documentation if your procedure is being covered by an insurance provider.
  • Valid Photo ID: A form of identification, like a driver’s licence or passport, helps us confirm your identity and ensure the safety and privacy of your medical records.
  • Relevant Medical Records: If you have had previous scans, tests, or relevant medical history, bringing them can provide our specialists with a more comprehensive view, aiding in accurate diagnostics.


  • Appropriate Attire: Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Depending on the type of scan, you may be asked to wear a gown. Avoid clothing with metal components like zippers, hooks, or underwires, as they can interfere with certain imaging technologies.
  • Jewelry & Accessories: It’s best to leave jewellery, watches, and other metal accessories at home. If worn, you’ll be asked to remove them before the procedure.
  • Cosmetics: Some cosmetics contain minerals that might interfere with imaging. Consider skipping makeup or using minimal amounts on the day of your appointment.


  • Fasting: Some scans, especially those with contrast, might require you to fast for a specific period before the procedure. You’ll be informed of this during your scheduling.
  • Medication: Continue taking your regular medication unless instructed otherwise. If you have concerns or are on medication that affects kidney function, consult with the imaging department or your doctor.
  • Hydration: Drink plenty of water before your appointment, especially if you’re scheduled for a scan that uses contrast dye. This helps in flushing out the dye post-procedure.


At TIC Imaging in London, we offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic imaging services, including MRI 3 tesla, CT 640 slices, digital X-ray, and ultrasound, right in your local area. 

For residents and visitors in London seeking medical imaging services, our clinic is conveniently located to ensure you have easy access to advanced diagnostic care.

Our aim is to provide our community with high-quality, patient-centric imaging services, making us the preferred choice for those in need of reliable and efficient diagnostic imaging.

Our London-based team of professionals is dedicated to offering a comfortable and reassuring experience during your visit. We understand the importance of having state-of-the-art medical imaging facilities close to home, which is why we ensure that our services are easily accessible to everyone in the city.

If you’re looking for “expert imaging services near me”, TIC Imaging in London is here to meet your needs with precision and care. Contact us to schedule your appointment and experience the convenience and quality of our local imaging services.


Book your expert diagnostic imaging consultations by calling us at 03333 582 111 or schedule an appointment online. If using insurance, please keep relevant information handy.

For an efficient scanning consultation, bring your insurance card, a photo ID, and any relevant medical documents. Remember, detailed medical imaging might require you to change; so, opt for metal-free clothing.

To cancel or reschedule, call us well in advance – preferably 24 hours before – ensuring your slot can be useful to another in need.

From specialised imaging services like MRI 3 tesla imaging, CT 640 slice imaging, ultrasound diagnostics to general diagnostic imaging services, our team is equipped to handle all.

Our radiologists promptly review your results, sending them to your referring physician in a few days. For any queries or concerns, we’re just a call away.

All our imaging procedures adhere to the highest standards of safety. Our trained professionals ensure that the radiation exposure, if any, is kept minimal and well within the accepted safety limits.

The duration of a scan depends on the type. For instance, an X-ray might take only a few minutes, while an MRI can last anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. We’ll provide you with an estimated duration during your scheduling.

Most people tolerate the contrast dye used in certain imaging procedures well. However, some might experience mild reactions. It’s essential to inform us if you have any known allergies or kidney problems.

For safety reasons, family members are typically not allowed in the scanning room. However, they can accompany you to the clinic and wait in the designated areas.

The 3T MRI provides a clearer and more detailed image than the 1.5T MRI, due to its stronger magnetic field. Depending on the precision required for diagnosis, our experts will recommend the appropriate MRI.