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Advanced Digital X-Ray at TIC Imaging

Taking a leap forward in diagnostic imaging, TIC IMAGING is proud to harness the prowess of Digital X-Ray technology. With the integration of advanced digital sensors, we ensure high-quality imaging, producing results that are fast, accurate, and unparalleled in clarity.


Digital X-Rays, a cornerstone of modern diagnostic radiography, provide a precise look into the internal structures of the body. By leveraging digital sensors, our state-of-the-art imaging captures intricate details, setting a benchmark in radiography with digital sensors. Unlike their traditional counterparts, our digital X-rays amplify precision, offering high-resolution X-ray imaging that can be conveniently shared with healthcare providers.

From diagnosing bone fractures and joint injuries to assessing lung and cardiac conditions, TIC IMAGING’s X-Ray services cover an extensive spectrum. By minimising radiation exposure, we prioritise safety while ensuring efficiency.


Discover the significance of regular health evaluations through our digital X-ray technology. For comprehensive details, connect with TIC IMAGING and prioritise your health.


At the heart of our services is our proficient team, steadfast in their commitment to advanced radiology diagnostics. With their adept skills and our cutting-edge radiographic technology, the promise of crystal-clear X-ray results is a guarantee. Fast and efficient diagnostic imaging is not just a service; it’s a testament to our commitment to health.


  • Advanced Digital X-Ray Technology Ensuring Clarity: With us, diagnostic clarity is not an option; it’s a promise.
  • Quick Imaging Results for Efficient Diagnosis: Time is crucial; our rapid results ensure timely treatment.
  • Use of Digital Sensors for Enhanced Imaging Precision: Every detail matters, and our digital sensors capture it all.
  • Safe and Precise Diagnostic Procedure: Your safety is paramount; reduced radiation and meticulous procedures are our standards.


For individuals in London seeking a “Private Digital X-Ray Scan near me,” TIC IMAGING offers exceptional diagnostic services within your locality.

Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art digital X-Ray technology, providing accurate, clear, and detailed images for a variety of medical needs. From diagnosing bone fractures to assessing chest conditions, our non-invasive approach ensures your safety and comfort throughout the process.

Choosing us means prioritising your health with swift and precise diagnostic capabilities. 

Contact us today and schedule your digital X-Ray scan to benefit from our advanced imaging solutions, designed to cater to your specific health requirements.

With TIC IMAGING, you receive more than just an X-Ray service – you gain access to a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, ensuring that you and your healthcare providers have the necessary insights to make informed decisions about your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital X-rays, employing digital sensors, produce high-resolution images, enabling accurate diagnosis of numerous medical conditions.

Digital X-rays utilise significantly less radiation than traditional methods, establishing them as a safer diagnostic option with efficient result turnaround.

The predominant concern with X-rays is ionising radiation. However, digital X-rays at TIC IMAGING use minimal radiation, reducing risks while offering clear benefits.

Most sessions are concise, spanning only a few minutes, given the efficiency of our equipment and process.

Post the X-ray, a specialist radiologist evaluates the results. They are then shared with your medical provider, who will discuss the findings with you.

TIC IMAGING emphasises high-quality imaging with digital X-ray, quick result dissemination, and a comprehensive approach, setting us distinctively apart in the domain of modern diagnostic radiography.