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General Physiotherapy Assessment

Understanding the very core of our physical well-being requires an astute and expert-driven approach. Physiotherapy stands at the forefront of this understanding. At TIC PHYSIO, our General Physiotherapy Assessment is more than just a routine examination. We believe in a tailored, holistic approach to physiotherapy, ensuring every patient receives the personalised attention they deserve.

Our aim? To ensure optimal health and well-being for each individual through our comprehensive physio check-ups, harnessing our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Whether you’re seeking rehabilitation or simply aiming for peak physical health, TIC PHYSIO offers a unique blend of expertise and personalised care.


Our General Physiotherapy Assessment at TIC PHYSIO is detailed and precisely crafted to meet the diverse needs of every individual. With our expert team of physiotherapists, each session begins with a thorough physical therapy examination, assessing your musculoskeletal health and functional movement capabilities.

Integrating advanced physio treatment techniques with our extensive knowledge, we ensure every aspect of your health is comprehensively appraised. From sports medicine to neurorehabilitation, our offerings are diverse, ensuring a holistic physiotherapy approach for all.


Every movement matters, and with TIC PHYSIO’s General Physiotherapy Assessment, you gain a thorough understanding of your body dynamics. Leveraging cutting-edge equipment and our professional physiotherapy expertise, we deliver insights that promote optimal musculoskeletal health. Prioritise your physical well-being by choosing the gold standard in physio evaluations with TIC Health.


At TIC PHYSIO, our commitment goes beyond standard treatments. Our physio care consultation guarantees:

  • Expert assessments from trained physiotherapists, ensuring detailed musculoskeletal and rehabilitation evaluations.
  • Tailored treatment plans crafted for individual needs, from sports massage to chest physiotherapy.
  • A commitment to holistic health, ensuring that every TIC Health physiotherapy session contributes to your overall well-being.
  • Moreover, our patients’ experiences speak volumes. With numerous successful recovery stories and individualised treatment plans, TIC PHYSIO has consistently prioritised the health of its clients, making it the ideal choice for physio needs.


For those in London seeking “Physiotherapy near me”, TIC PHYSIO is your premier destination for comprehensive and personalised physio care.

Our General Physiotherapy Assessment is designed to cater to the unique needs of each individual, employing a holistic approach to ensure your optimal health and physical well-being. Our clinic is equipped with the latest in physiotherapy technology, and our team of experienced physiotherapists is dedicated to providing you with the best possible care.

At TIC PHYSIO, you benefit from our extensive experience across various physiotherapy domains, from sports injuries to chronic pain management. Our commitment to your health is reflected in our tailored treatment plans and rehabilitation strategies, all available right here in London. Schedule your physiotherapy assessment today and take the first step towards improved mobility and a healthier lifestyle with TIC PHYSIO.

Frequently Asked Questions

A General Physiotherapy Assessment helps identify physical issues or potential areas of concern, paving the way for a tailored physical therapy plan and ensuring optimal health.

Our assessment includes a comprehensive physio check-up, covering musculoskeletal management, functional movement evaluation, and recommendations for treatments like sports massage or neurorehabilitation as needed.

TIC PHYSIO focuses on a holistic approach, with personalised care, state-of-the-art equipment, and a diverse range of service offerings from sports medicine to chest physiotherapy.

The frequency depends on individual health conditions and goals. However, regular check-ups can help monitor progress and adapt treatment plans for optimal results.

Absolutely. Based on your assessment results, our experts might recommend integrating services like sports medicine or neurorehabilitation into your tailored treatment plan.

To cancel, you can email info@TIChealth.co.uk or phone (+44) 03333 582 111. If cancelling within 24 hours of your appointment, full payment will be taken as per our cancellation policy.

While the duration can vary based on individual needs, our goal is a thorough yet efficient evaluation, ensuring clients receive the best care without inconvenience.

Please bring any relevant medical history or documentation that will assist our professionals in providing a comprehensive physio review.

While referrals can provide additional insights, they are not mandatory. You can directly schedule your TIC PHYSIO assessment.

For detailed fee structures and potential additional services, please get in touch with us directly.