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Comprehensive 48 Hour ECG Monitoring

Electrocardiogram testing, commonly referred to as a 48 Hour ECG, is vital when a physician suspects an irregular rhythm or when patients report symptoms like palpitations, dizziness, or blackouts.

With TIC CARDIO, our 48-hour cardiac monitoring service offers a non-invasive approach. A small monitor is attached, typically in the centre or the upper left part of the chest. While you might need to remove upper clothing, and in some instances, the area may be cleaned or even shaved for optimal device attachment.

Our device is resilient to moisture, so don’t hesitate to engage in your regular activities while it’s on. During the ECG monitoring period, we’ll supply you with a tracking sheet to mark down any symptoms or anomalies you might experience.

Preparing for the test? Just carry on as normal – eat, drink, and rest as you would.


  • Precision-Driven Electrocardiogram Technology: Our state-of-the-art tools ensure the most accurate results.
  • Expert Cardiac Technicians for Precise Outcomes: At TIC CARDIO, our team prides itself on delivering accurate and efficient results through our extended heart rhythm analysis.
  • Timely Diagnosis for Effective Treatment: With our comprehensive Electrocardiogram testing, you’re one step closer to efficient treatment strategies.


Your heart, like important machinery, needs regular checks. The 48-hour ECG meticulously analyses your heart’s rhythm to detect anomalies. By choosing this monitoring, you actively protect your heart. Every heartbeat tells a story, and our cutting-edge technology and skilled experts translate it accurately. Prioritise your heart’s health with a detailed rhythm analysis now.


At TIC CARDIO, we understand the subtle intricacies of heart health and the essential need for persistent monitoring. Our 48 Hour Electrocardiogram service is designed to cater to a range of requirements, ensuring each individual receives specific diagnostic attention.

Our dedication extends beyond mere observation. Every heart rhythm documented serves to provide richer insights, setting the stage for timely and effective treatment interventions.

We provide more than just diagnostics – we offer personalised advice, grounded in expertise and commitment, aiming for a heartbeat that resonates with health and longevity.


TIC CARDIO is delighted to offer the 2 Day (48 Hour) ECG Holter Monitor Test in London, perfect for those looking for “2 Day ECG monitoring near me“. Our clinic is ideally located for London residents, providing this crucial heart rhythm monitoring service in a convenient and accessible setting.

Understanding the need for specialised cardiac diagnostics close to home, we ensure that our advanced 48-hour ECG monitoring is available to our local community.

Located in the heart of London, our clinic makes it easier for you to access these vital health services without any hassle. Our team specialises in the 2 Day ECG Holter Monitor Test, using cutting-edge technology to provide an accurate and comprehensive analysis of your heart’s rhythm.

By choosing TIC CARDIO for your cardiac monitoring, you’re opting for a service that merges convenience with exceptional care.

Contact us today and schedule your Holter monitor test to gain valuable insights into your heart health. Our clinic’s proximity ensures that top-tier cardiac diagnostics are just a short journey away, offering peace of mind and professional care right in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your appointment is important to us, but we understand if plans change. If you need to cancel, please contact us via:

  • Email: info@TIChealth.co.uk
  • Phone: (+44) 03333 582 111

For results related to TIC Health’s continuous cardiac monitoring or any other service:

  • Email: info@TIChealth.co.uk
  • Phone: (+44) 03333 582 111

Our commitment to precision-driven technology and expert cardiac technicians sets us apart. We focus on detailed diagnostics, offering tailored care for each patient, ensuring accurate and efficient heart rhythm analysis.

No, the procedure is non-invasive. A small monitor is attached to your chest to track your heart’s rhythm, ensuring minimal discomfort.

Absolutely. Our device is resilient to moisture, allowing you to engage in your typical daily activities. However, we provide a tracking sheet to note any symptoms or anomalies you may experience.

The results are typically available shortly after the monitoring period concludes. Please contact our team via email or phone to obtain your results.

The device is resilient to moisture, but we recommend being cautious and avoiding direct water exposure during showers or baths. It’s best to sponge bath the areas around the device.

If you experience severe symptoms, please seek immediate medical attention and inform our team about the incident to ensure accurate interpretation of the recorded data.

The frequency of monitoring is determined by your physician based on your health condition and symptoms. If you’re unsure, consult with us OR your doctor for recommendations.