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Comprehensive 72 Hour ECG Monitoring

72-hour ECG monitoring at TIC CARDIO is pivotal for individuals who report symptoms like palpitations, dizziness, or blackouts. This non-invasive, painless test uses a compact monitor fixed to the centre or upper left of the chest. You may need to remove upper clothing, and in certain cases, the area may be prepped or shaved before affixing the device.

This device is designed to be waterproof, allowing you to continue your routine activities unhindered. During the monitoring period, we supply a tracking sheet to record any symptoms or anomalies.

To ensure a smooth process, there’s no special preparation necessary. You can consume food and drink as usual.


At TIC Health, our technicians emphasise the importance of the 72-hour ECG for a comprehensive heart rhythm analysis over 72 hours. We pride ourselves on offering the advanced heart activity tracking you need for peace of mind.

  • Expert and precise 72-hour ECG technology: We offer extended cardiac monitor services that highlight our commitment to your heart’s health.
  • Specialist cardiac technicians delivering reliable results: The importance of extended cardiac monitoring with TIC Health ensures consistent and reliable results.
  • Continuous ECG tracking: With our Three-day heart monitor, every heartbeat is closely monitored for a detailed and comprehensive report.
  • Rapid diagnostics leading to targeted treatment solutions: Recognising the essence of time, our 72-hour heart diagnostics provide faster insights for better treatments.


Understanding every heartbeat is crucial, and with TIC CARDIO’s 72-hour ECG, you get detailed heart rhythm diagnostics. Our advanced technology, paired with our expert cardiac diagnostics, provides you with accurate insights. Value your heart health by opting for the best in continuous cardiac monitoring with TIC Health.


Our promise isn’t limited to the tools and technologies we employ. It is deeply rooted in the exceptional proficiency of our technicians, whose profound knowledge and meticulous precision are unparalleled.

These dedicated professionals, trained in the nuances of cardiac diagnostics, represent our unwavering commitment to offering unparalleled cardiac care. When you choose TIC CARDIO, you’re not just selecting a service; you’re embracing the dedication, expertise, and assurance that only we can provide.

Entrust your heart health to a team that understands its rhythm, ensuring you benefit from the paramount of cardiac diagnostic services available.


TIC CARDIO offers the 3 Day (72 Hour) ECG Holter Monitor Test in London, ideal for individuals searching for “3 Day ECG near me“. Our clinic, situated in a convenient location for Londoners, specialises in this detailed heart rhythm monitoring technique.

We understand the necessity of having such specialised cardiac diagnostic services within easy reach, and we are dedicated to providing this essential health service to our local community.

Our London clinic’s accessible location ensures that comprehensive cardiac monitoring is readily available to you, right in your vicinity.

Our expert team in London focuses on delivering an accurate and comprehensive 3 Day ECG Holter Monitor Test. We employ advanced technology and techniques to ensure a precise understanding of your heart’s rhythm over an extended period.

Opting for TIC CARDIO for your cardiac monitoring needs means choosing a service that combines convenience with high-quality cardiac care.

Contact us today and schedule your Holter monitor test – experience the comfort of having the best cardiac diagnostic services close to home, ensuring thorough and personalised care for your heart health.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A 72-hour ECG provides a more comprehensive view of your heart’s activity over an extended period, capturing irregularities or symptoms like palpitations, dizziness, or blackouts that might not show up in shorter tests.

No, our device is compact and designed for minimal disruption, allowing you to continue your daily activities unhindered. It’s also waterproof for added convenience.

No, the 72-hour ECG is a non-invasive test, and the device is affixed to your chest, allowing you to go home and continue with your routine activities while being monitored.

While the exact timeline can vary, we prioritise rapid diagnostics. Typically, you can expect detailed insights from your 72-hour heart diagnostics within a week of completing the test.

Not at all. The ECG monitoring is non-invasive and painless. The device is simply attached to the chest area to record heart activity.

While the device is waterproof and allows for most daily activities, it’s advised to avoid activities that might disrupt the device or the electrodes, like rigorous physical activities or situations where the device might be pulled off. Always refer to the guidelines provided by our technicians.

There’s no special preparation necessary for the test. You can consume food and drink as usual. On the day of the procedure, wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to remove upper garments for the device attachment.