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Comprehensive 7-Day ECG Monitoring

7-Day ECG Monitoring, often termed as week-long ECG or extended heart rhythm tracking, is an advanced method to obtain a detailed heart rhythm analysis over 7 days. When symptoms like palpitations, dizziness, or blackouts are reported, TIC Health professionals may recommend this continuous cardiac monitoring for comprehensive heart activity assessment.

A small monitor is attached to either the centre or upper left of your chest for this non-invasive test. Temporary removal of your upper clothing might be required, and in certain cases, the area might need to be cleaned or shaved for precise readings. This device is water-resistant, so you’re encouraged to continue with your routine activities. To capture any symptoms that might occur, you’ll be given a tracking sheet.

No specific preparations are needed. Consume food and drinks as you usually would.


At TIC CARDIO, we underline the significance of the 7-day ECG for an in-depth heart rhythm analysis spanning an entire week. We are dedicated to providing the paramount heart activity surveillance you require for utmost assurance.

  • Advanced and meticulous 7-day ECG technology: Our commitment to your cardiac well-being is mirrored in our week-long heart monitor services.
  • Specialist cardiac technicians for impeccable accuracy: With TIC CARDIO, the extended week-long ECG monitoring guarantees precision and trustworthy outcomes.
  • Uninterrupted heart rhythm surveillance: Through our 7-day heart monitor, each pulse is intently observed, ensuring a thorough and exhaustive analysis.
  • Swift diagnostics for precise therapeutic strategies: Understanding the criticality of prompt action, our 7-day cardiac diagnostics pave the way for more effective therapeutic interventions.


Every heartbeat tells a story, and with TIC CARDIO’s 7-Day ECG, you can listen to each chapter. Leveraging cutting-edge technology combined with our proficient cardiac evaluation, we deliver unparalleled insights. Prioritise your cardiac well-being with TIC CARDIO’s exemplary week-long monitoring today!


Our commitment goes beyond mere procedures and durations. It’s anchored in the unparalleled expertise of our technicians, whose depth of knowledge and precision in practice set them apart.

These professionals, well-versed in week-long heart diagnostics, signify our enduring promise to deliver the highest standard of cardiac care. When you opt for TIC CARDIO’s 7-Day service, you’re not merely selecting a duration; you’re choosing an unmatched blend of dedication, skill, and assurance found in our team.

Place your cardiac health in hands that recognize every nuance of its rhythm, ensuring you experience the zenith of heart diagnostic services available.


TIC CARDIO is proud to offer the 7 Day ECG Holter Monitor Test right here in London, catering to those searching for “7 Day ECG testing near me“. Our clinic, conveniently located for residents across the city, specialises in this advanced form of cardiac monitoring. 

Understanding the importance of detailed heart rhythm analysis, we provide this essential service to ensure comprehensive cardiac care for our local community. Our central location in London makes it easy for you to access our top-notch cardiac monitoring services, ensuring that expert care is always within reach.

Our skilled cardiac professionals in London are dedicated to delivering an in-depth 7 Day ECG Holter Monitor Test. We use state-of-the-art equipment to track your heart’s activity over an extended period, providing valuable insights into your cardiac health.

By choosing TIC CARDIO for your Holter monitoring, you’re ensuring a thorough and precise heart rhythm analysis, conducted in a setting that’s both comfortable and convenient. 

Contact us today and schedule your test – take a crucial step towards comprehensive cardiac wellness, right here in the heart of London.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The 7-Day ECG provides an extended, continuous monitoring of the heart’s rhythm, allowing for the detection of irregularities that may not appear in shorter tests. This comprehensive approach provides a detailed analysis, enhancing the chances of diagnosing potential issues.

Yes, the monitor is designed to be lightweight and comfortable, allowing patients to continue their routine activities. While there might be an initial adjustment period, most users find it unobtrusive.

The device is water-resistant, not waterproof. While it can handle slight moisture or sweat, it’s advised to avoid direct contact with water, such as during showers or swimming.

If you experience any discomfort, irritation, or allergic reactions, immediately contact your healthcare professional or TIC Health’s customer service for guidance.

Results are typically available within a week after the completion of the monitoring period. However, the exact timing can vary based on the thoroughness of the analysis and the volume of data to be interpreted.

Coverage varies based on individual insurance policies. We recommend checking directly with your insurance provider or contacting our billing department for assistance.

Typically, a referral from a physician is needed for specialised tests like the 7-Day ECG. However, please consult our appointments page or reach out to us for specific requirements related to TIC CARDIO’s services.