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Exercise ECG -
Understanding the Hearts Response to Stress

An Exercise ECG, or Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT), is a specialised procedure to monitor the heart’s behaviour under physical strain. Using a treadmill to simulate stress, the test gradually increases the incline and speed in three-minute segments. This progression goes from a simple walk to a potential light jog at the culmination. The goal is to reach the maximum heart rate, standardised as 220 minus one’s age. Post-exercise, we continue monitoring until the heart rate normalises.

Throughout the Exercise ECG test, our advanced equipment tracks your blood pressure and ECG. This ensures a comprehensive cardiac exercise assessment and guarantees your safety during the process. Our consultant cardiologist will provide a detailed report post-test, highlighting any observed abnormalities during the stress ECG test.

For an accurate Cardiovascular exercise test, avoid alcohol, food, and smoking for four hours preceding the test. Wearing comfortable attire like gym gear, trainers, or loose-fitting clothing is advised.


At TIC Health, our technicians underscore the significance of the Exercise ECG for a meticulous evaluation of your heart’s performance during physical exertion. We are committed to delivering the nuanced heart activity understanding you require for your well-being.

  • Expert and accurate Exercise ECG technology: We extend cardio assessment services, demonstrating our dedication to your heart’s optimal functioning during activity.
  • Specialist cardiac technicians ensure dependable outcomes: Relying on the Exercise ECG with TIC CARDIO means you benefit from consistent and trustworthy results.
  • Continuous heart performance tracking: With our exercise cardiac monitor, every heartbeat during exertion is observed meticulously for a thorough and detailed review.
  • Swift analysis leading to specific intervention strategies: Understanding the crucial nature of timely insights, our exercise diagnostics present accelerated knowledge for superior care solutions.


Grasping your heart’s response during physical activity is paramount. With TIC CARDIO’s Exercise ECG, receive in-depth cardiac performance analysis. Our state-of-the-art ETT technology, combined with our advanced cardiac diagnostics, grants you precise comprehension. Prioritise your cardiac well-being by selecting the pinnacle in exercise-induced heart assessment with TIC Health.


Our conviction goes beyond just state-of-the-art technology. It deeply resides in the unmatched expertise of our technicians, whose comprehensive understanding and sharp accuracy stand second to none.

These committed experts, honed in the intricacies of Exercise-induced ECG monitoring, symbolise our steadfast pledge to delivering superior cardiac care. With TIC CARDIO, you’re not merely opting for a test; you’re welcoming the passion, proficiency, and reliability that only our team can offer. Place your cardiac well-being in the hands of professionals today.

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The Exercise ECG, also known as the Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT), assesses the heart’s performance under physical stress. While a standard ECG monitors the heart at rest, the Exercise ECG evaluates its behaviour during increased activity levels, offering insights into potential abnormalities under stress.

Absolutely. The Exercise ECG is a safe procedure that’s closely monitored by our trained technicians using advanced equipment. We ensure your blood pressure and ECG are tracked throughout, and any abnormalities are immediately addressed.

The test typically takes between 30 minutes to an hour, including preparation time, the exercise portion, and the recovery phase.

In most cases, you can resume your regular activities post-test. However, if any abnormalities are detected, our consultant cardiologist might provide specific guidelines or precautions.

It’s advisable to wear comfortable attire like gym gear, trainers, or loose-fitting clothing. Avoid consuming food, alcohol, and nicotine at least four hours before the test for accurate results.

You’ll receive a detailed report from our consultant cardiologist post-test, highlighting any observations made during the stress ECG test. For any further queries or early results, you can always contact us via the provided email or phone number.