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Fit-to-Fly Testing

Ensuring a safe journey through the skies requires adherence to global health regulations, especially in these unprecedented times. It’s not just about reaching your destination, but ensuring that you and your fellow travellers are in optimal health.

At TIC DOCTOR, we understand the significance of these prerequisites. Offering the LFT (Lateral Flow Test) – Antigen Fit-to-Fly Test with Certificate, we are attuned to the crucial health mandates of modern-day air travel.

Our expertise in this domain promises a streamlined and accurate testing process, ensuring travellers meet airline and international health standards, safeguarding everyone onboard.


Undertaking the LFT – Antigen Fit-to-Fly Test at TIC DOCTOR involves a systematic process, designed with the traveller’s convenience and safety in mind. Our team promptly administers the test, which typically involves a nasal or throat swab. Harnessing contemporary testing tools, we provide swift results, typically available within 15-30 minutes.

Given the evolving nature of health regulations, our services are continually updated to align with international requirements, providing travellers with a dependable health solution before they set out on their journeys.

To arrange your testing appointment with us, reach out today. Our commitment to clarity and professionalism ensures you’ll receive accurate results in a timely manner, along with the required certification for your travels.

With TIC DOCTOR, you’re not just getting tested; you’re ensuring a safer journey for yourself and your fellow travellers.


At TIC DOCTOR, our LFT – Antigen Fit-to-Fly Test services are a testament to our dedication to global health standards. Utilising our extensive expertise and modern testing facilities, we guarantee a smooth testing experience. Equip yourself with the requisite health certifications for a safer journey with TIC DOCTOR.


  • Expert Team: Our professional team ensures tests are administered efficiently, in line with current standards.
  • Advanced Testing Methods: With our modern testing techniques, we guarantee quick and reliable results.
  • Updated With Global Standards: Understanding the dynamic nature of travel requirements, we stay updated to provide the necessary certifications for global travel.
  • Transparent Testing Procedures: Our straightforward processes mean that travellers are well-informed at every step, from test booking to certification.
  • Prompt Results: Understanding the time-sensitive nature of travel, we ensure test results and necessary certifications are provided without delay.

Frequently Asked Questions

The LFT (Lateral Flow Test), also known as a rapid antigen test, identifies specific viral antigens like those associated with COVID-19. TIC DOCTOR offers results in a brisk 15-30 minutes to suit the urgent demands of travel.

Many countries and airlines stipulate a recent negative COVID-19 test result for travelling. Using the LFT test, a Fit-to-Fly certificate is issued upon a negative result, certifying the traveller’s fitness for the journey.

LFT tests are efficient, but accuracy might be slightly variable compared to PCR tests. It’s pivotal to adhere to manufacturer guidelines and seek expert advice for the most trustworthy outcomes.

Some centres might offer different services. TIC DOCTOR provides the LFT test tailored for travel, along with the crucial certificate following a negative result.

The ideal timing for tests varies based on airlines and destinations. Always verify specific regulations to ensure your test results are timely and valid for your journey.

Acceptance of LFT tests is subject to variation based on country and airline guidelines. Ensure you’re informed about the specific requirements of your travel destination.

LFT tests remain valuable screening tools, although their sensitivity to new variants might vary. For more intricate genetic analyses, PCR tests can be consulted.

TIC DOCTOR’s Fit-to-Fly certificate encompasses personal details, test date, test type, and the result, affirming your testing and travel readiness.

After a positive LFT result, initiate self-isolation and consult healthcare experts. Travelling with a positive result can pose risks to others and may have legal consequences in some regions.

While both serve as essential COVID-19 response tools, the LFT detects active infections through viral proteins (antigens), whereas the antibody test identifies antibodies, indicating prior infection.

Recognizing the urgency of travel, TIC DOCTOR promptly provides the Fit-to-Fly certificate upon a negative test result.

Absolutely, children and infants can take the LFT. However, always check the testing criteria of your destination if travelling with minors, as some exemptions may be age-related.

While no specific preparations are mandated for the LFT, it’s advised to refrain from eating, drinking, or smoking 30 minutes before testing to optimise accuracy.

Regulatory criteria may differ and evolve. Consult travel advisories, airline norms, or embassy portals of your target country for the latest on accepted tests.