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TIC Doctor's Professional Phlebotomy Service

Ensuring accurate diagnostic results starts with the meticulous process of blood sample collection. Recognizing the essence of this critical step, TIC DOCTOR extends its professional phlebotomy service to guarantee precision in every blood draw.

At TIC DOCTOR, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to the highest standards in phlebotomy. Our team understands that behind every blood test lies an individual’s health concern, seeking clarity and direction.


TIC DOCTOR’s approach to blood tests is comprehensive, ensuring that each stage is conducted with utmost professionalism. Our team, equipped with modern diagnostic equipment, carries out blood specimen collection adhering to strict safety protocols.

Key considerations such as patient comfort, the cleanliness of the collection site, and the proper handling of blood samples underscore our method. Whether it’s venous blood collection or capillary blood sampling, our focus remains on delivering reliable results.

With TIC DOCTOR, it’s not just about drawing blood – it’s about drawing a path to better health understanding.


With our emphasis on patient care and diagnostic precision, TIC DOCTOR’s phlebotomy service stands as a beacon of reliability in the medical community. Ensure the foundation of your medical diagnosis is accurate with our blood testing services.


  • Skilled and Trained Phlebotomists: Our team undergoes rigorous training, ensuring each blood draw is precise and in line with international standards.
  • Modern Diagnostic Tools: Our commitment to quality is reflected in our advanced equipment, ensuring every sample is handled with care.
  • Patient-Centric Approach: From the initial consultation to the aftercare, our patients’ comfort and safety remain paramount.
  • Transparent Procedures: Every step, from booking to results, is clear, reflecting our dedication to patient trust.
  • Rapid and Reliable Results: Post blood draw, our advanced systems ensure quick turn-around times without compromising accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Phlebotomy, at its core, is the process of drawing blood, pivotal for diagnostics, medical research, or blood donation. A specialised healthcare professional, known as a phlebotomist, oversees this procedure, ensuring accuracy and safety.

Our phlebotomists at TIC DOCTOR have undergone specialised training programs and are certified, ensuring they align with the best practices in the field. Their expertise ensures that every blood draw is conducted with precision and care.

During our blood draw procedure, our phlebotomist identifies a suitable vein, sanitises the region, and with a sterile needle, carefully collects the required blood sample. This sample is then processed and analysed in our state-of-the-art diagnostic labs.

Training durations can vary based on the program and institution. Typically, courses can span from several weeks to a few months, encompassing both theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice.

While requirements can differ by region, certification is often seen as a testament to a phlebotomist’s skill and proficiency. At TIC DOCTOR, we ensure our phlebotomists are certified and regularly updated on the latest best practices.

Absolutely. With patient safety as our topmost priority, our procedures are meticulously designed to minimise any risks. Our team follows stringent infection control protocols, ensuring each blood draw is safe.

Yes, after a diagnostic blood draw, you can donate blood. It’s advisable to wait for a stipulated period and consult with the blood donation centre for their specific guidelines.

Trained phlebotomists, given their crucial role, find opportunities in various medical setups—ranging from hospitals, diagnostic labs, to research institutions. Their skill set is invaluable wherever blood tests are a cornerstone of diagnostic procedures.