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Comprehensive Vaccination Services

Choosing to get vaccinated is a pivotal step towards fortifying one’s health against a range of diseases. Vaccinations aren’t just about individual protection but also about ensuring the broader community remains safeguarded.

At TIC DOCTOR, we champion this essential health measure. Specialising in Vaccination Services, we understand the unparalleled role immunisation plays in both personal and public health.

Our dedication is reflected in the meticulously planned services we offer, ensuring that individuals, be it children or adults, are adequately protected against preventable diseases.


  • Expertise-driven Immunisation: Our team, backed by their vast knowledge, ensures that every vaccination is administered with precision.
  • Advanced Medical Infrastructure: By adopting modern medical equipment, we provide seamless and efficient vaccination services.
  • Comprehensive Vaccine Range: From childhood vaccines to those required for travel, our services are holistic and wide-ranging.
  • Transparent Procedures: From consultation to after-care, our processes are clear, making sure our clients are well-informed at every stage.
  • Timely Feedback: After receiving a vaccine, our team provides guidance on after-care, potential side-effects, and any follow-up doses if required.


At TIC DOCTOR, our vaccination services are structured to provide optimal protection against a variety of diseases. By melding our expansive knowledge with our cutting-edge facilities, we ensure that you are prepared to face a myriad of health challenges. Prioritise your health and that of your community with TIC DOCTOR.


If you’re in London and looking for “Travel and Health Vaccinations near me”, TIC DOCTOR is your comprehensive solution. We specialise in a wide array of vaccinations, including those essential for travel and overall health. Our facility is ideally positioned for residents and visitors in London, providing easy access to top-tier immunisation services.

Opting for TIC DOCTOR’s vaccination services ensures you receive expert-led immunisations, vital for both personal protection and global health safety. Whether it’s for international travel or routine health maintenance, our skilled team offers the latest in vaccination technology and guidance.

Contact us today and schedule your vaccination with TIC DOCTOR for a seamless and informed experience, ensuring you and your loved ones stay protected against various health threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vaccines are biological preparations that boost the body’s immunity against specific diseases. They contain weakened or inactivated forms of pathogens, training the immune system to recognise and combat these invaders efficiently.

Vaccinations play an instrumental role in halting the spread of infectious diseases, shielding both individuals and communities from potential health threats. They have been pivotal in controlling or even eradicating certain diseases.

Vaccines train the immune system to swiftly respond to specific pathogens, without causing the actual disease. By introducing the immune system to these invaders, vaccines help the body remember and fight them if encountered in the future.

Absolutely. Before approval, vaccines undergo stringent testing for both safety and efficacy. Their safety continues to be monitored even after they are introduced to the market. While adverse reactions can occur, they are rare, and the protective benefits of vaccines far outweigh any potential risks.

Typical vaccine side effects are mild, including pain at the injection site or a low-grade fever. These usually dissipate within a few days and indicate that the body is building protection.

The protection duration can vary. Some vaccines, like the measles vaccine, offer lifelong immunity, while others, like tetanus, may require periodic boosters. Regular updates based on research and findings help in determining when additional doses might be needed.

Mostly, yes. It’s essential to share any allergy or health condition with healthcare professionals before vaccination. They will provide guidance on the suitable vaccines and necessary precautions.

Many vaccines are deemed safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding. It’s recommended to consult with a healthcare expert beforehand to make informed decisions.

While sometimes there might be a choice, it’s vital to understand that all authorised vaccines meet rigorous safety and efficacy standards.