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ISAC Allergy Test
A Pioneering Allergen Detection Service

Taking control of allergies means understanding what triggers them. With the evolving complexity of allergens, it’s crucial to have a precise diagnosis. TIC DOCTOR introduces its comprehensive Allergen ISAC Test, tailored to unveil a wide spectrum of allergens with unparalleled precision.


At TIC DOCTOR, we are resolutely committed to equipping individuals with the knowledge of potential allergens. Leveraging the ISAC Allergy Test, we help decode the intricate web of allergenic components, guiding you towards a clearer path of allergy management.


Our Allergen ISAC Test is rooted in advanced technology and methodologies. We begin with a meticulous collection of blood samples, subjecting them to the Immuno Solid-phase Allergen Chip. With this method, we gauge the presence and levels of specific IgE antibodies against a myriad of allergens, giving us a holistic view of your allergen profile.

Critical elements such as IgE antibody detection and specific allergic components stand at the forefront of our test, ensuring a comprehensive and reliable outcome.


Opt for clarity and precision in your allergy management journey. With TIC DOCTOR’s comprehensive Allergen ISAC Test, you’re not only getting results; you’re gaining insights that could shape your wellbeing for years to come.


For Londoners seeking an advanced solution to pinpoint specific allergies, TIC DOCTOR’s ISAC Allergy Test offers an unparalleled opportunity.

For those looking for “ISAC Allergy Test near me,” our service ensures that you receive a comprehensive analysis of potential allergens affecting your health.

Our local facility is equipped with the latest in allergy diagnostic technology, allowing for precise identification of a wide range of allergens. This test is especially beneficial for individuals who have struggled with unidentified allergic reactions or those who require an in-depth understanding of their allergic responses to better manage their conditions.

Opting for the ISAC Allergy Test means choosing a path towards clear, actionable insights into your allergies, facilitated by a team of medical experts right here at TIC DOCTOR. Our process is designed to be straightforward and informative, ensuring you are fully aware and comfortable at every step.

Contact us today and schedule your appointment to take control of your allergies and embrace a life with improved health and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Allergen ISAC Test identifies specific IgE antibodies against a broad panel of allergens, ranging from pollen and dust mites to various food allergens, offering a comprehensive allergen profile.

While traditional tests like skin prick methods focus on common allergens, our Allergen ISAC Test gives a broader and more in-depth view of potential allergenic components, offering a more detailed sensitization profile.

The ISAC Allergy Test at TIC DOCTOR provides a comprehensive allergen profile, detects even low levels of IgE antibodies, saves time with multiplexed testing, and offers high precision due to purified allergenic components.

The test involves drawing a blood sample, which is then subjected to the Allergen ISAC platform to detect the presence and levels of specific IgE antibodies against various allergens.

Once the results are analysed, TIC DOCTOR’s experts will provide detailed insights and recommendations based on the findings, ensuring you’re equipped to take informed decisions about your health and potential allergen exposures.

Anyone experiencing unexplained allergic reactions or seeking a comprehensive understanding of their allergen sensitivities would benefit from the Allergen ISAC Test. It’s especially useful for those with multiple allergies or those who haven’t found answers through traditional testing.

Yes, at TIC DOCTOR, we prioritise making our results user-friendly. Along with the results, our specialists provide a clear interpretation and are available for consultations to discuss any concerns or questions.

The Allergen ISAC Test is a non-invasive blood test, making it as safe as any standard blood draw. There’s no exposure to allergens as in traditional skin prick tests, so there’s no risk of an allergic reaction from the test itself.

Yes, the ISAC Allergy Test is suitable for individuals of all ages, including children. However, always consult with a healthcare professional before scheduling any medical test for a child.

Coverage can vary based on insurance providers and plans. We recommend contacting your insurance provider directly to understand any coverage or out-of-pocket expenses.

Certainly! Even if you aren’t aware of any allergies, the Allergen ISAC Test can provide insights into potential sensitivities and help in early detection, enabling proactive measures.

Upon receiving your results, it’s recommended to consult with an allergy specialist or a healthcare professional. They can provide guidance on managing detected sensitivities or allergies, including potential treatments or lifestyle adjustments.