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ISAC Allergy Test
A Pioneering Allergen Detection Service

Taking control of allergies means understanding what triggers them. With the evolving complexity of allergens, it’s crucial to have a precise diagnosis. TIC DOCTOR introduces its comprehensive Allergen ISAC Test, tailored to unveil a wide spectrum of allergens with unparalleled precision.


At TIC DOCTOR, we are resolutely committed to equipping individuals with the knowledge of potential allergens. Leveraging the ISAC Allergy Test, we help decode the intricate web of allergenic components, guiding you towards a clearer path of allergy management.


Our Allergen ISAC Test is rooted in advanced technology and methodologies. We begin with a meticulous collection of blood samples, subjecting them to the Immuno Solid-phase Allergen Chip. With this method, we gauge the presence and levels of specific IgE antibodies against a myriad of allergens, giving us a holistic view of your allergen profile.

Critical elements such as IgE antibody detection and specific allergic components stand at the forefront of our test, ensuring a comprehensive and reliable outcome.


Opt for clarity and precision in your allergy management journey. With TIC DOCTOR’s comprehensive Allergen ISAC Test, you’re not only getting results; you’re gaining insights that could shape your wellbeing for years to come.


  • High-Precision Testing: Utilising the Allergen ISAC Test, we offer results with unparalleled accuracy, taking into account an extensive range of allergenic components.
  • Innovative Testing Methods: We harness the best of modern medicine to provide results that are both swift and precise.
  • Tailored Testing: Recognising that every individual is unique, our tests are customised, ensuring that each allergen profile is as individualised as the person being tested.
  • Transparent Procedures: With TIC DOCTOR, you are always in the loop. Our transparent procedures ensure that you remain well-informed at every stage.
  • Swift and Informative Feedback: Once the test is completed, our experts provide actionable insights, ensuring that you have the knowledge you need to manage potential allergies better.

Frequently Asked Questions

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It’s essential for us to be informed if you can’t make it. To cancel:

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Reach out to our dedicated team for your detailed ECG analysis:

  • Email: info@TIChealth.co.uk
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A 12 Lead ECG, or electrocardiogram, is a non-invasive procedure that captures detailed analysis of the heart’s electrical activity. It helps experts monitor cardiac health, especially the rate and rhythm of heart activity when resting.

Preparing for the test is easy. Stick to your regular diet; no special preparations are required. On the day of the test, you may need to remove upper clothing for electrode placement, and some areas might be shaved or cleaned for optimal electrode adherence.

Absolutely. TIC Health respects patient confidentiality. All your medical records and test results are kept private and only shared with your consent.

Typically, a 12 Lead ECG takes about 10 minutes. However, this can vary based on individual needs.

The 12 Lead ECG is a safe, non-invasive procedure. There are no direct side effects. Any discomfort from the adhesive electrodes is temporary and minimal.

After the test, a cardiologist reviews the findings, and results are usually available within a couple of days. However, in emergency situations, results can be provided promptly.

While a referral can provide additional context, it’s not always necessary. Reach out to our team at TIC Health to discuss your needs.

At TIC Health, we leverage advanced ECG technology and our expert team’s extensive experience to provide precise and detailed cardiac assessments. Our professionals are trained to ensure reliable results.