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The integration of advanced security systems within an organisation’s IT infrastructure, such as SIEM, emphasises the importance of stringent measures. Beyond the confines of technology, the human component plays a crucial role. Ensuring that individuals hired for such sensitive roles are not just technically competent, but also physically and mentally fit is imperative.

TIC DOCTOR, leveraging its proficiency in health screenings, offers a specialised SIEM Pre-Employment Medical evaluation. These screenings ascertain the holistic health suitability of candidates applying for roles that handle sensitive information.


Our SIEM Pre-Employment Medical Screening is meticulously curated to evaluate an applicant’s overall health, especially focusing on aspects pertinent to security roles. At TIC DOCTOR, the process incorporates a blend of technical skill evaluation with a rigorous health check, ensuring that candidates are optimally suited for security-related roles.


Ensure the optimal health of your prospective employees for SIEM roles. With TIC DOCTOR’s comprehensive SIEM Pre-Employment Medical Screening, reinforce the security and well-being of your organisation.


  • Tailored for SIEM Roles: Our health assessments are designed specifically with SIEM positions in mind, ensuring every health aspect relevant to such roles is covered meticulously.
  • Modern Evaluation Techniques: Utilising state-of-the-art health assessment tools and methodologies, we guarantee precise and comprehensive results.
  • Complete Health Profile: Beyond the standard checks, we delve deep to understand the complete health profile of every applicant, ensuring nothing is overlooked.
  • Confidentiality Guaranteed: Recognising the sensitive nature of the roles and information handled, we uphold the strictest levels of confidentiality in every assessment.
  • Reputed Team: Led by professionals with vast experience in the field, our team assures both accuracy and depth in every health evaluation.
  • Transparent Procedures: We ensure a clear and straightforward process, from initial appointment scheduling to the final feedback, ensuring every applicant is well-informed at each phase.
  • Prompt and Detailed Feedback: Once the assessment concludes, both the organisation and the candidate receive comprehensive feedback, outlining the health status and any potential recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our SIEM Pre-Employment screenings are a fusion of detailed medical evaluations combined with an assessment of the applicant’s credentials, expertise, and skills relevant to security.

With an increasing emphasis on data security, ensuring that those in charge are both technically adept and physically sound is vital. TIC DOCTOR’s screenings aid organisations in hiring individuals that fit this criterion.

Our evaluations encompass background verifications, technical skill assessments, and thorough medical evaluations. We also factor in the individual’s character and integrity, crucial for security roles.

Absolutely. TIC DOCTOR ensures all screenings comply with regional and global regulations. We adhere to privacy norms and ensure the informed consent of all applicants.

Candidates not meeting the set criteria may not progress in the hiring process. However, specific actions post-evaluation are based on organisational policies.

TIC DOCTOR has set procedures for appeals. If candidates believe there have been oversights or errors, they can follow our established protocols for reconsideration.

Our medical evaluations are conducted by trained professionals experienced in occupational health and specifically geared towards the requirements of SIEM roles.

Please bring valid identification, any prior medical records, details of medications you’re currently taking, and any other documentation specified in your appointment confirmation.

Results are typically shared directly with the hiring organisation’s HR or relevant department. However, we believe in transparency and ensure that candidates also receive feedback about their health status.

Typically, a SIEM Pre-Employment Medical is required at the time of hiring. However, depending on the organisation’s policy, periodic health checks might be instituted, especially if the job demands change.

For candidates unable to attend in person, we may have alternative assessment methods, including partnering with clinics in your locality or offering virtual consultations.

At TIC DOCTOR, we adhere to strict data protection regulations. All medical data is encrypted, stored securely, and only shared with authorised personnel.

It’s beneficial to have a good night’s sleep before your evaluation and refrain from consuming alcohol or non-prescription drugs 24 hours before your appointment. If blood tests are part of the screening, you might be asked to fast. Specific instructions will be provided during your appointment scheduling.