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Comprehensive Insurance Medicals

Understanding insurance policies requires a clear insight into one’s health. It goes beyond just validating the application to achieving a thorough grasp of one’s overall well-being.

TIC DOCTOR, with its commitment to precision and accuracy, is a renowned name for Insurance Medicals. We understand the intricacies and requirements of insurance providers, ensuring that each medical examination is meticulously conducted to align with insurance standards.

Drawing from our extensive experience, we aim to streamline the insurance application process, ensuring that every individual is accurately represented, thereby facilitating a smooth policy underwriting process.

The diagnostic process involves placing electrodes on your arms, legs, and chest. These are then connected to an ECG recording device that captures heart rhythm analysis. An expert cardiologist will review the findings to detect any abnormalities.

Preparing for the test is simple. Continue with your regular diet and no special preparations are needed. You may need to remove upper clothing, and sometimes small areas of your chest might be shaved or cleaned for better electrode adherence. A gown may be provided for your comfort.


Undertaking Insurance Medicals at TIC DOCTOR entails a thorough process, perfectly aligned with the specific needs of insurance underwriting. Our adept team initiates the process with an in-depth health assessment, covering every facet of an individual’s health status. With our state-of-the-art equipment and contemporary medical practices, we ensure a comprehensive insurance health assessment.

Given the importance of accurate medical records in policy underwriting, we evaluate every aspect crucial to the insurance application – from prior medical history to potential risk factors.

To schedule an assessment, an appointment fee is applicable. We uphold the principle of transparency, ensuring that our clients are fully informed of all costs and procedures involved.

Opting for TIC DOCTOR’s Insurance Medicals means aligning with a trusted partner, dedicated to aiding you in your insurance journey, every step of the way.


Trust TIC DOCTOR for a seamless Insurance Medical experience. Rely on our expertise and advanced tools for an exhaustive health evaluation, tailored to the precise demands of insurance providers. Prioritise accuracy and efficiency with TIC DOCTOR.


For those in London searching for “Insurance Medicals near me,” TIC DOCTOR is your premier destination. We specialise in conducting thorough Insurance Medical examinations, essential for your insurance needs. Our clinic is easily accessible, making it ideal for residents and those in surrounding areas.

Choose TIC DOCTOR for your Insurance Medicals and experience a service that blends meticulous health evaluations with the requirements of your insurance provider. Our expert team uses the latest medical technology to deliver precise and comprehensive health assessments, ensuring that your insurance application process is smooth and hassle-free. 

Contact us today and book your appointment with TIC DOCTOR for a detailed and professional Insurance Medical examination, and take the first step towards securing your health and future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance Medicals at TIC DOCTOR involve comprehensive evaluations to ascertain an individual’s health profile, pivotal for insurance applications. These evaluations help insurance firms understand an applicant’s health risks, enabling appropriate policy underwriting.

Medical examinations for insurance validate the health information provided during policy application. They aid insurers in evaluating potential risks, determining appropriate coverage terms, and setting precise premiums.

At TIC DOCTOR, an Insurance Medical includes an exhaustive assessment of health. This comprises reviewing medical history, conducting physical examinations, vital signs measurement, and collecting samples for laboratory analysis. Additional tests may be carried out as needed.

For an efficient process, it’s advisable to be aware of your medical history, compile a list of medications, and bring any pertinent medical documents. Dress comfortably to facilitate a smooth examination.

Once the examination concludes, our team prepares and submits a detailed report to the insurance firm. This report, coupled with other underwriting elements, will guide the insurer’s decision regarding policy terms.

Yes, all Insurance Medicals at TIC DOCTOR adhere to strict patient confidentiality norms, ensuring the security of personal medical data.

While the report is typically dispatched to the insurance company, you can reach out to them directly should you wish to obtain a copy or discuss any specifics.

Certainly. If you believe the insurer’s decision, based on the medical results, isn’t in line with your expectations, you can inquire about their appeals process and follow the necessary steps.